3 Things to Know About the Tree Removal Process

Do you have a tree on your property you must get rid of? If so, it may be time to call in a local arborist. These professionals know how to handle your tree and safely remove it from your property. Here are some things you should understand about the tree removal process.

Stumps Are Alive

You may have seen leftover stumps after a tree has been chopped down. Those stumps aren’t dead. According to ScienceDirect, contrary to popular belief, some stumps are able to regenerate and become trees again. That’s why stump removal is important. If the stump stays in the ground, the roots are there as well. Those growing roots may end up causing a problem for your property later. Plus, if the placement of a full-grown tree was already a problem, letting a stump stay in the ground to sprout again will recreate the same problem down the road.

Tree Removal Can Prevent Costly Home Repairs

Tree roots can wreak havoc on your foundation when they get out of control. If a tree was planted too close to your home and has now grown enough to reach over your roof, its roots may have reached your home, too. Overgrown tree roots can go as far as lifting up your foundation, making your home unsafe. They can also puncture your septic tank, which creates a major environmental and costly hazard you’ll have to clean up. Luckily your arborist can handle tree and stump removal to protect your property.

Only a Professional Should Remove a Tree

Cutting down a tree is dangerous work. Regardless of how handy you may be with an ax or a chainsaw, you don’t have the professional training or certification that your local arborist does. Your tree professional will cut down a tree in various steps to ensure everyone around remains safe. Chopping down a tree can cause it to fall in the wrong direction and damage your home, someone else’s home, or anyone standing nearby.

Tree removal isn’t something to play with, and it’s not the time for do-it-yourself work. Once you understand what’s involved with this type of work, you should see why it’s best to call a professional. Your local arborist knows how to safely remove any tree from your property. Contact Sotil Tree Service today to get safe tree removal services.