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Stump Grinding From Our Skilled Staff

The tree stumps leftover from removed trees can be an eyesore at best. At worst, they’re a tripping hazard and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Additionally, decaying tree stumps can become bothersome breeding grounds for pests like ants, termites, and more. At Sotil Tree Service, we provide stump grinding to dispose of stumps by your property. We grind your property’s stumps or roots using only the finest professional equipment.

With more than 25 years of experience, we can remove any kind or size of stump, no matter what kind of tree it came from.

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Considering enlisting tree removal services in Farmington, CT or surrounding areas? We’ll handle all your tree removal needs, including stump grinding. It may seem unimportant to clear your property of stumps, but it’s certainly essential to maintaining your property’s landscape health and curb appeal. If you notice tree stumps on your property, don’t let them go unaddressed.

If you’re looking for dependable stump grinding or tree removal in Avon, CT or surrounding areas, then call us today for service, or request a FREE estimate! We look forward to helping you remove your stumps and beautify your property.


Shoutout to Sotil Tree Services! They just removed a massive tree that partially fell and hit our house in one of the last storms. They are professional, conscientious, and fairly priced and you would never know they were here the way they cleaned up! Highly recommend!!

– Michelle Galarneau via Google

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Even in the cold of winter, we’ll provide you with high-quality stump grinding service.

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